Gospel, September 22, 2019

The First Reading is from the Book of the Prophet Amos. This prophet from the Southern Kingdom of Judah is called by God to preach to the Israelites living in the Northern Kingdom. Amos, a deeply religious man, zealous for God’s glory, is often called the prophet of social justice. He proclaims that true religion involves not only worship of God on the Sabbath, but also caring for the poor during the rest of the week. That is why Amos condemns dissolute city life, social injustice and insincerity of religious worship. He exposes those who exploit the poor and upbraids judges for their venality.

In the Second Reading from St. Paul's First Letter to Timothy. Paul gives provisions regarding prayer in the Christian community. He recommends that “requests, supplications, prayers and thanksgiving for all people, for the king and those in power” be made. The good order of our society depends on those in leaders position. If they do not fulfill well their duty, we cannot “lead a quiet and tranquil life.” Paul also believes that it is God’s will that all people be saved.

The Gospel Reading is taken from the Gospel of Luke. The reason that Jesus Christ talked and preached so much about the poor and our need to help them is that in His time the "poor" were considered to be great sinners and their situation was God's retribution. He also taught that this perception was incorrect. True charity is unconditional and so this gospel challenges us to question ourselves, "When approached by someone in need, what should our response be? Something to think about during your prayer time this week!

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