Gospel October 20, 2019

In the First Reading, from the Book of Exodus, Moses is leading the Israelites through the desert toward the Promised Land. They must go through various enemy territories which often resulted in tribal wars. Moses sends Joshua and his men down to the valley to engage Amalek and his army, while he, Aaron and Hur remain on the hill and enter into intercessory prayers for the men in the valley. While Moses’ arms remained firm, the battle went in the Hebrew’s favor; but when they let up, Amalek and his men start to regain strength. Moises is able to keep his hands steady until sunset. God is the one who is victorious over the Amalekites.  

The Second Reading is from St. Paul's Second Letter to Timothy. Paul exhorts the young Pastor Timothy whom he has ordained to remain faithful to what he has learned and believed and to do three things: first, to hold fast to the traditions he has received; second, to use Scripture for his own ongoing formation and for the formation of his people; and third, to persevere in his ministry of preaching God’s Word “in season and out of season,” since God’s Word is good for correcting, exhorting and reproving.

The Gospel Reading is taken from the Gospel of Luke. Jesus tells a parable about a widow who is heard by an unwilling judge because of her persistence in prayer. She is persistence and states her needs clearly and often, until she is heard. Even the corrupt judge who does not fear God or respect other people hears the woman because of her persistence. The message of today’s parable is clear. God wants us to bring our needs to him in prayer. He always hears and responds.    

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