Letters From a Pastor to His People

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    Letters from a Pastor to His People- September 27, 2020

    Dear Parishioners,

    "That's not fair!" How many times have we heard that from a toddler? Or from a NFL player complaining about a flag (or no flag)?  Or maybe a spouse saying "that's not fair!" to his/her partner?  Or a priest saying that to his bishop?  Or an associate pastor or seminarian saying that to his pastor (never here, of course, at Saint Juliana!)?

    Or us saying that to God?

    We might not know we're complaining internally to God.  We can usually tell by our "spiritual mood."  Are you more prone to distraction in prayer? Do you find yourself brooding in prayer or anxious in prayer? Is there a glaring division between your prayer life and moral life? That is, you seem to be praying okay or experiencing peace at Mass, but then as soon as you see your family or walk out to the parking lot you're angry?

24 Nov

Gospel November 24, 2019

In the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, the First Reading is from the Second Book of Samuel. In today’s short reading, we have the third accounts of the anointing of David as King of Israel. He was anointed by the elders of Israel for three reasons. First, all the tribes of Israel are descended from the same ancestors. Second, David under Saul’s reign showed strength and wisdom on the role of the military commander. Finally, God gave David the role of shepherd king responsible for watching over the flock, protecting them from predators and the role of military commander who leads his people in battle, fighting against their enemies. David agrees to rule with justice, and the people promise loyalty.    

17 Nov

Gospel November 17, 2019

The First Reading is from the Prophet Malachi. Malachi is writing in the fifth century before Christ to a community with very lax morals. In this reading, Malachi speaks in frightening terms of the imminent “Day of the Lord.” There was much corruption and unfaithfulness to God. The message here is that all humanity must eventually take sides to choose "good" or "evil" because "a Day is coming" when there will be a reckoning and all must be judged.

10 Nov

Gospel November 10, 2019

Synopsis, Nov 10, 2019

In the First Reading from the Second Book of Maccabees, we hear only part of the story about the heroism of a family of seven brothers who died at the hands of a Greek king who tried to force all Jews into accepting the Greek culture of Hellenism. These brothers would rather die than betray the God of Israel. Their faith gave them reassurance that fidelity to God's laws would be rewarded with salvation and resurrection which was a fairly recent concept for the Jews of that time; and only some of the Jews accepted it.

03 Nov

Gospel November 3, 2019

The first reading from the Book of Wisdom is a beautiful reflection on how our divine Creator is intimately involved with every aspect of his creation: “Before the LORD the whole universe is as a grain from a balance or a drop of morning dew come down upon the earth.” The Creator loves all that he has created and is rich in mercy to all who have sinned. God’s whole desire is not to condemn the sinner but to gradually draw him/her to repentance. God’s mercy extends to all.