Queen of Hearts 50/50 Raffle



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#1 OR #2 OR #3 OR #4 OR #5 OR #6 OR #7 OR #8 OR #9 OR #10 OR #11 OR #12 OR  #13 OR #14 OR 

#15 OR #16 OR #17 OR #18 OR #19 OR #20 OR #21 OR  #22 OR #23 OR #24 OR #25 OR #26 OR #27 OR #28 OR 

#29 OR #30 OR #31 OR #32 OR #33 OR #34 OR #36 OR #39 OR #40 OR #41 OR #42 OR #43 0R #44 OR #45 OR

#48 OR #50 OR #52 OR #53 OR #54 



New to Queen of Hearts RaffleThere WILL be a winner EVERY drawing. If NO Queen of Hearts then YES to a $100 T.R.I.P. card. 

Ticket Sale Locations in Edison Park | $5 @ ticket 

*** Emerald Isle Mon-Fri 2pm-2am; Sat 12pm-3am; Sun 12pm-2am 

(Ticket sales will conclude at 8:45pm the night of the drawing at FIREWATER SALOON.

*** Firewater Saloon Mon-Sunday 7am-2am 

(Ticket sales will conclude at 8:45pm the night of the drawing at FIREWATER SALOON.

*** Moretti's Ristorante and Pizzeria - Sun-Wed 11am-11pm Th & Fri 11am-2am Sat 11am-3am

*** St Juliana Parish Office Tues-Fri 9am-3pm

*** Before and After Weekend Masses Sat 5pm Sun 7:30am 9:30am, 11am, 5pm


Here’s how the game works:

The Raffle Board

A raffle board has a poker deck of 54 face down sealed numbered cards including 2 Jokers randomly placed in rows

The Raffle Ticket and Stub

  1. Players buy raffle tickets each week for $5 apiece. (cash only)
  2. The raffle ticket has two sections – the stub and the ticket.
  3. On the raffle stub the player will write their name, telephone number, a number between 1 to 54 and give it to the raffle coordinator
  4. The player will keep the raffle ticket.
  5. The winner will present the raffle ticket to claim their prize if they are the winner.

The Raffle Drawing

One raffle stub gets pulled from the raffle drum on Thursday 9pm at the Firewater Saloon in Edison Park.

  • If the Queen of Hearts playing card is behind the corresponding number on the raffle stub, the raffle ticket holder is a winner.
  • If the card is not the Queen of Hearts, the game rolls over to the following week and the raffle ticket holder will receive a $100 TRIP (Tuition Reimbursement Incentive Plan) credit for a gift card or certificate available for pickup at the Saint Juliana Parish Center. 

The Raffle Prize 

When the Queen of Hearts is picked, 50% of the net proceeds will go to (1) winner. 

Please Note: Rules and Regulations will apply. Please see the complete list of the rules and regulations for more detail. Winner does not need to be present. 

Official Rules and Regulations


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