• Life-long learning in a faith-filled community
  • Rooted in faith.
  • Families Connecting

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Life-long learning in a faith-filled community.


The sky's the limit for our personal growth and development.


Nurturing an understanding of our place in God's universe.


Striving for academic achievement and excellence.


Service, caring and sharing with our community.


Equality and balance, within ourselves and in our world.

Registration 2015-2016

Registration for new students is open.
Contact principal Katrina McDermott to arrange for a tour of our school and classrooms. Both you and your child are welcome!

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School Board Elections

The St. Juliana School Advisory Board is looking for enthusiastic parents or parishioners to fill four openings available for the next term. If the number of nominees exceeds the number of open seats, an election will be held in May. You may nominate yourself or another candidate using this form.

Nominations must be returned to the school office by May 1, 2015.


Preparing Students Academically & Spiritually

  • Preschool


    Three Years Old

    • Full & half-day programs
    • Three or five days per week
    • Weekly themed learning units
    • Nurturing environment
    • Three or five days per week
    • Morning & after-school care

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  • PreKindergarten


    Four Years Old

    • Five days per week
    • Full & half-day programs
    • Developing the mind, body & spirit
    • Core & supplemental curriculum
    • Morning & after-school care

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  • Kindergarten


    Age 5–6

    • Building foundation for life-long learning
    • Full-day, five-day core curriculum
    • Weekly art, computer, gym, music & Spanish
    • Faith-building activities
    • Morning & after-school care

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  • Primary Grades


    Grades 1 & 2

    • Reconciliation & First Eucharist preparation
    • Core subjects plus weekly specials
    • Differentiated instruction
    • Wide array of extracurriculars
    • Morning & after-school care

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  • Intermediate Grades

    Intermediate Grades

    Grades 3–5

    • Weekly mass, faith-building activities
    • Cross-curricular teaching
    • Learning resource support
    • Science lab & equipment
    • Morning & after-school care

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  • Junior High

    Junior High

    Grades 6 through 8

    • Confirmation preparation
    • Leadership development
    • Learning resource support
    • High school preparedness
    • Wide array of extracurriculars

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Where to Find Us

  • 7200 N Osceola Ave
    Chicago IL 60631
    Tel 773.631.4127
    Fax 773.631.4150

  • 7400 W Touhy Ave
    Chicago IL 60631
    Tel 773.631.2256
    Fax 773.631.1125

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