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Academic Support Services

The MobyMax curriculum for math, science and English language arts (ELA) is an integrated system used for differentiated instruction.

Moby's adaptive curriculum creates an individualized education plan for each student, ensuring that students receive the extra instruction they need to succeed while gifted learners can move ahead at an appropriate pace.

MobyMax's research-based pedagogy incorporates multiple cognitive techniques that have proven highly effective in thousands of research studies. MobyMax components include math, facts mastery, language, vocabulary, test prep, reading and writing. After just 40 hours of Moby instruction, students nationwide improve an average of 1.4 grade levels in math and language.


Under the direction of learning resource teachers, students in kindergarten through eighth grade experience the benefits of the Moby system daily:

  • Identifies missing skills through placement testing
  • Remediates with targeted practice
  • Individualized learning paths
  • Progress continually monitored
  • Systematic review to improve retention
  • Common core standards-reporting


Support Services Staff

In addition to ongoing differentiated instruction in the classroom, several support services are available to students:

  • Inclusive Education Coordinator: This full-time staff member consults with teachers and parents to support full inclusion of our students. This includes providing staff training on specific instructional strategies and interventions.
  • A full-time math resource teacher who provides small-group instruction for fourth through eighth grade students who have been identified as needing full math replacement.
  • A part-time ELA resource teacher who provides small-group and individual supplemental support for kindergarten through eighth grade students.
  • Two part-time IDEA teachers who provide math and/or ELA support to students who have IEPs through Chicago Public Schools.
  • A part-time speech therapist who provides speech therapy for students who qualify through their IEP.

Inclusive Education at Saint Juliana School

As a private Catholic school, Saint Juliana strives to provide all students with a quality education. Saint Juliana's curriculum includes both academic and religious components. The religious component is central to our mission which is to foster each child's moral and spiritual formation enabling them to become joyful disciples of Jesus Christ. Saint Juliana School welcomes all students including students with diverse learning needs and gives such applicants the same consideration for admission as all other applicants. Saint Juliana is committed to serving all students and school families with Christian care and compassion. We honor the unique strengths, talents, and diversity of each and every one of our students.

Decisions concerning the admission and continued enrollment of students are made on an individualized basis. A student with diverse needs is admitted to Saint Juliana School if it is determined that the child has the emotional, academic and physical abilities to be successful in our program with supports provided by our staff. Saint Juliana gathers information from the student, his/her parents, as well as other members of the educational community who have evaluated the student, to determine the degree of the student's learning needs and the level of support needed. Under the guidance of the Office of Catholic Schools, Saint Juliana reviews the information provided to determine whether it has the ability to provide the support needed for the student.

If Saint Juliana has the resources to meet a diverse learner’s needs to allow him/her to be successful in its program, the student will be admitted and measures that Saint Juliana is capable of providing will be delivered to assist the student. Our staff dedicates its efforts to help the diverse learner experience individual success.

For those children whose complexity of needs exceeds the resources and expertise that Saint Juliana can offer, a more specialized or intensive program/placement may be necessary. In those circumstances, Saint Juliana works with those students and their families to find the best educational environment for them whether that be another Catholic school or a public school that has the resources to meet their needs. Even in those circumstances where we may be unable to meet a child's needs, it is our hope and expectation that both the parents and child will continue their Catholic spiritual and moral formation as members of Saint Juliana's vibrant parish community.

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