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ACT Aspire Assessment Tests

Standardized Assessment Testing

The ACT Aspire assessment was introduced for the first time during the 2015-2016 school year and is now administered annually to all students in third through eighth grades.

Aspire Summative Assessment ResultsIn fall, winter and early spring of each school year three Aspire interim assessments are administered in preparation for the summative test in April. All students in grades three through eight use Chromebooks to complete online assessment tests in the core subjects of English, math, reading and science. The interim assessment results are for internal use, to establish a baseline and provide important progress indicators as we move toward the Aspire summative assessment in April, which is completed with pencil and paper bubble sheets.

Aspire Summative Assessment Results

Our summative assessment results from April of 2017 and 2016 can be viewed here.

Aspire is the first step in a vertical assessment system designed to connect student performance with readiness benchmarks as they progress chronologically from third grade through high school. Anchored by the ACT–the leading college assessment exam–Aspire maps learner progress using comprehensive academic guideposts to provide actionable information and insight to prepare students for higher education. This parent overview on ACT's web site provides more information about the Aspire asssessments.

TerraNova Testing

Our school historically administered TerraNova tests to students in third, fifth and seventh grades every year; the final year of TerraNova testing was in 2015. Our test results demonstrate that our students achieved scores above the national average for all test categories. Millions of students across the country take the TerraNova tests; by comparing their scores a national norm is established which indicates students' performance at different grade levels. This national norm is set at 50. Scores above 50 indicate that students are performing above the norm; scores below 50, that they are performing below.

TerraNova Scores Spring 2015

Reflects the percent of students at or above the national mean:
Subject National Grade 3 Grade 5 Grade 7
Reading 50 90 94 95.1
Language 50 88 93.9 98.3
Math 50 84 93.9 98.3
Total Score 50 92 94 98.3
Science 50 100 96.9 85.3
Social Studies 50 98 97 98.4
Reflects national percentile of the mean NCE (NP of MNCE):
Subject National Grade 3 Grade 5 Grade 7
Reading 50 84 83 82
Language 50 86 87 89
Math 50 84 85 92
Total Score 50 87 88 92
Science 50 87 94 77
Social Studies 50 90 86 88

NP of Mean NCE is the national percentile rank of the average score of the group of students tested. For example, a grade 7 Math NP of MNCE score of 92 means the average student in 7th grade is ranked higher than 92% of the nation in Math.

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