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Welcome to Ms. Sabu's Blog!

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I hope everyone is enjoying their three day weekend!
4th grade students took their Unit 1 Vocab test on Thursday. They will get their corrected tests back on Monday and we will go over the entire test as a class and discuss the correct answers. Students have the opportunity to do test corrections and receive back half a point for each wrong answer they fix. They will be required to turn their corrected tests by Friday, Sept. 30th. Because I want them to focus on making their corrections and turning their tests back in, there will be no homework this week.
This week:
  • 4th grade will focus on simple subjects and simple predicates in their Grammar Workbooks
  • 5th grade will be focusing on context clues and adages in their Vocabulary Workbooks
  • Homeroom students will discuss each of the Seven Sacraments and we will take notes on chapter 2 as a class from our religion textbooks
My homeroom will be doing the Morning Prayers and the Pledge of Allegiance for the first week of October. My student volunteers have a copy of the prayers for their respective day and they brought home a copy of the paper to practice with parents. Please practice their highlighted part with them as needed. We will practice together in class sometime this week as well. Thank you!
This past week my homeroom students took their Chapter 1 Religion test on Thursday and all of 5th grade took their Unit 1 Vocab test on Friday. The students did very well for their first test of the year!
4th grade students will take their Unit 1 Vocab Test this Thursday, Sept. 22nd. They will receive a printed out set of flashcards for Unit 1 just like 5th grade did in order to prepare for their upcoming test. 
A HUGE thank you to parents who donated snacks for the students! They love that they get a snack to keep them going during the mornings and students seem more engaged while working on their class activities!
This week:
  • 4th grade will review their Unit 1 vocab words before their test on Thursday
  • 5th grade will begin Unit 2 in their Vocab Workshop workbooks
  • Homeroom students will begin chapter 2 in our "Blest Are We" textbooks focusing on the seven Sacraments
My homeroom students are about to start their in-classroom jobs soon! We went over what kind of responsibility each job would entail. They then completed their job applications after choosing which jobs they believe they would be good at or would like to try out. It's been fun reading through the applications!
Last week in class, we began working in our Vocabulary Workshop workbooks. This week we will start working in our Grammar Workshop workbooks.
This week 4th and 5th grade will:
  • learn about punctuation and capitalization of sentences
  • learn more about synonyms and antonyms 
  • review their respective vocabulary list from this past week
Hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day Weekend!
Students have turned in their first writing assignment of the year on Friday and this upcoming week we will be beginning our vocabulary and grammar workbooks. The homework packets coming home will begin looking a little different for fourth and fifth grade, but the reading log will remain the same. 
Thank you to all the parents who have taken the time to write about your child in the "Getting to Know Your Child" Questionnaire I sent home the first week of school. I have loved reading through them to be able to get to know the kids from your point of view! 
This week:
  • 4th grade will be learning about 4 types of sentences and homophones 
  • 5th grade will be learning about 4 types of sentences and similes
We are officially underway! The students are all working on their first writing assignment of the year. They are choosing three people to invite to a dinner at their home. The focus of this assignment is on writing 2-3 paragraphs (5-6 sentences in each paragraph) and explaining the three people they chose and why they chose those specific people. This is not homework...however some students have asked if they could work on it at home if they wanted to, which is completely fine! 
We will be working on this writing assignment through the rest of this week. The work they will turn in will not only show me the writing skills they are starting with, but also will allow me to get to know them and their interests. 
School is officially back in session!
Hi families of St. Juliana! My name is Ms. Sabu and I just joined the fourth and fifth grade team this year. I will be teaching English and homeroom Religion. English will be focusing on writing, vocabulary and grammar. Students will also work towards SSR (sustained silent reading) to build up their reading skills.
All students have an assignment notebook to write down what their homework is for each class (as needed) so parents do not have to spend time trying to look up what the assignments are every day. We will begin this routine in the upcoming week so every student begins getting into the habit of writing down what they need to get done for homework daily. 
It has been so much fun to meet your children this past week, and I am so excited to continue to get to know them as the year continues on. I look forward to when I can meet all the parents as well!
If there are is anything I can help you with, please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected]