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Announcements & Reminders

Any reminders for the week will go here, so please check for any updates periodically.
  • From Mother's Club:

Don't miss this beloved SJS tradition! 🎄


Our annual Mothers’ Club sponsored Christmas Day will be on Saturday, December 10, 2022.  As Santa prepares for the holiday season, the children are invited to spend some time creating memorable craft projects. This program allows children to create a handmade Christmas craft tailored to their age group. It is held in conjunction with the St. Juliana Mothers’ Club “Santa’s Workshop”, which gives students a chance to do their Christmas shopping at very affordable prices in the School Hall.


This event is open to Preschool through 6th grade. An adult must accompany each Preschool student.

The registration form for K-6th grade: K-6th Christmas Craft Registration Form

  • 4th grade will take their Unit 3 vocab test this Wednesday, Nov. 30th

  • 5th grade will take their Unit 2 grammar test next Wednesday, Dec. 7th
Please know that Friday, November 18th will be EARLY DISMISSAL for all students!
  • Picture RETAKES will be Wednesday, Nov. 16th. If a student is doing picture retakes, they have to bring back the photo package they received.

  • Mother's Club Hot Lunch will be this Thursday, Nov. 17th.

  • Christmas Craft Day forms were sent out today with students. The registration forms are due back by Thursday, Dec. 1st for the students that want to participate.

  • The Christmas Concert is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 19th at 6:30 pm.
  • My homeroom students have earned a class-wide spirit wear pass for TOMORROW, Friday, Nov. 11th! :)
  • FINE ARTS: Registration for the spring musicals is now OPEN. Please see the flyer that was sent home with your child last week.

  • Wednesday, Nov. 16th is Picture Retakes. If you would like your child to do retakes, they have to bring in the photo package with them the day of. Students that ordered pictures received their pictures today to take home. They all looked so great!

  • Thursday, Nov. 17th will be Mother's Club Hot Lunch.

  • Saturday, Nov. 19th will be the Holiday Craft Fair and Cookie Walk
4th grade parents - I changed the day for their Unit 1 Grammar quiz for lessons 5-7 because I want the review to be fresh in their minds rather than studying over the weekend. Instead of taking it on Monday, Nov. 7th, they will have the quiz on Wednesday, Nov. 9th.
Halloween is tomorrow! Some reminders for our school day:

  • Students in grades 1-7 will be able to dress down and wear OrangeBlack and Purple for Halloween.

  • If students choose to bring candy/treats to share with friends, please make sure they bring enough to share with every student in class (we have a total of 22 students). Keep in mind that whatever goodies they bring in, it should adhere to an allergen free list.

  • Lunch will be held in the classroom tomorrow 

  • Our classroom celebrations will happen at the end of the day during our last class period :)
  • This past Friday, Oct. 28th, every student in 4th and 5th received a letter detailing how our snacks are just about finished up. Starting this week, students can still opt to have snack, but they must bring an appropriate snack from the snack safely list explained in the letter. 

  • Students will not be bringing water bottles with them to every class beginning this week. Students are absolutely still encouraged to bring their water bottles to school for gym and/or lunch, however it will remain in their homeroom class at all other times. We can provide cups for water so that students are no longer spilling water from their water bottles, dropping them in classes, or have to leave the class they are in to go get their forgotten water bottle from the previous classroom which disrupts learning when multiple students are going in and out.

  • We will be attending mass for All Saints Day Tuesday, Nov. 1st - so we will not be going to mass Wednesday, Nov. 2nd.

  • There will be no kids choir rehearsal this week.
  • Choir rehearsal has been moved from Tuesday, Oct. 25th to Wednesday, Oct. 26th right after school.

  • This week our school began the "Spooky Sweets" raffle, where students can purchase raffle tickets for three separate chances to win three different sized jars filled with candy. 1 ticket is $0.50, or they can purchase 3 tickets for $1. The entries will go until Friday morning, and then the drawings will happen Friday, Oct. 28th.

  • The Scholastic Book Preview will be tomorrow for my homeroom kids. Students will have a chance to browse the different books that are available for purchase and write down books in their wish list to take home.

  • My homeroom class will attend the Scholastic Book Sale on Friday, Oct. 28th, where they can purchase the book(s) they like.

  • SJS Boys Basketball Season registration is now open until Nov. 1st! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email Pat Aylward at [email protected].You can register using the link: SJS Boys Basketball Season Registration

  • Picture retakes have been scheduled for Nov. 16th. School pictures will be coming within a few weeks, so keep an eye out for those!
  • Even though this Friday, Oct. 21st is a half day, students in band should still bring their instruments and music to school.
  • Reminder that Fall Conferences are coming up October 20th & 21st. If you haven't already, please sign up through Sign Up Genius with the invite link at a time convenient for you. Thank you!

  • I will be passing along the classroom party fund money to my Homeroom Moms this week, so if you have not sent the $20 for all the classroom celebrations we will be having this year, please try to send it in before the end of this week. 
  • MC Hot Lunch is this Friday, Sept. 30th if you ordered. If you did not, please bring lunch as normal. 
  • 5th grade students will have their Unit 2 Vocab Test next Thursday, October 6th. The flashcards with the 12 words and their definitions were passed out in class today. We also worked on synonyms and antonyms for each of the vocab words using a chart. We will be practicing with the 12 vocab words all next week and will have a review game on Wednesday.

  • Students were instructed to put both resources they received today in their folders to take home to study for the test next Thursday. If any student loses their flashcards or needs an extra copy, please have them come tell me in the morning during school so I can make sure to print out an extra copy for them by the end of the day.
  • 4th grade students will have a grammar quiz for lessons 1-4 from their workbooks on Thursday, October 6th. We will continue practicing reviewing subject and predicates and review the 4 types of sentences until their quiz next week.
  • PICTURE DAY IS TOMORROW! I can't wait to see everyone all dressed up :)
  • My homeroom students that volunteered to do the Morning Prayers and the Pledge of Allegiance for the first week of October should be practicing reading their sections.

  • Picture Day is coming up this Wednesday, Sept. 28th. If you have not turned in a picture form for your child please have it filled out and sent in by Wednesday. Keep in mind every student will have their picture taken regardless of whether or not they are ordering pictures.
  • Due to the number of quizzes and homework for the students this week, 4th grade will NOT have a spelling test tomorrow Thursday, Sept. 22nd! They will take the one page Unit 1 Vocab Test ONLY! I hope this will allow the students some relief and better able to focus on their other work for the end of their week and before their three day weekend :)
  • Fifth grade students received their Unit 1 Vocab tests back and we went over the test together as a class. For this test, the students have an opportunity to do test corrections and receive back half a point for each wrong answer they correct. 

  • Many students were able to complete the test corrections in class today and turn it in, however if a student decided to take it home to finish it, it will be due back by Monday, Sept. 26th. 
  • Mrs. Marshall and I sent home a note explaining that we will be collecting $20 from each fifth grade student to fund the classroom celebrations for this entire school year. Once collected, we will be passing it along to our Homeroom Parents who will support with decorations, food and supplies for the fun festivities! 
  • 4th grade's Unit 1 Vocabulary test will be on Thursday, Sept. 22nd. The printed set of flashcards will be sent home Monday, Sept. 19th to help students study for the test. The list of words for Unit 1 for both grade levels are on my Vocabulary Lists page.

  • We have been working on getting into the habit of writing in our assignment notebooks every day. We write down the assignments for each class together at the end of the day. Please continue checking your child's assignment notebook for what they have due for each class.

  • Homework Club has begun for students. If students do not bring in their assigned homework on the due date, they stay in during their recess and work on the assignment so it can be turned in.  

  • There is no school for students Friday, Sept. 23rd.
  • Our Unit 1 Vocabulary test will be on Friday, Sept. 16th. We will have a simple spelling bee in class purely as a review on Thursday, Sept. 15th. The list of words for Unit 1 for both grade levels are on my Vocabulary Lists page.

  • My homeroom class will have their Chapter 1 Religion test this Thursday, Sept. 15th. We will complete and go over Chapter 1 notes on Monday and Tuesday as a review. Students will need to study their notes for the test on Thursday.
  • On Friday, the teachers sent home our "Back to School" guide which has information about what each teacher will teach in their classroom, the textbooks/workbooks they will use, as well as overall homework and test/quizzes policies.

  • Please read through the packet and sign the back page of the packet. Also feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

  • The students received their Friday Folders which they should be bringing home every weekend, and bringing back to school on Mondays.