Are you ascending?

Dear Parishioners,

Hail the day that sees him rise, Alleluia! It's been forty days (well, more or less) since the Resurrection and this Sunday we celebrate Jesus' departure from this earth—the Ascension. “So then the Lord Jesus, after he spoke to them, was taken up into heaven and took his seat at the right hand of God” (Mk 16:19).

Notice there is a lot of direction on where the disciples are to go and what they are to do when our Lord ascends to the sky. Jesus tells them to be his witnesses to the ends of the earth (cf. Acts 1:8). He also instructs them to preach the Gospel and baptize (cf. Mk 16:15-16). The angel tells them to stop looking at the sky (cf. Acts 1:11). The disciples return to Jerusalem (cf. Lk 24:52).

What am I to do with my life? Where should I go? These are questions people, young adults in particular, ask themselves often. Graduation is around this time of year and I wonder if some college and even high school seniors are wondering about the direction of their lives.

If you stay close to Jesus, you will find your answer. He gives us purpose. I'm sure the disciples may have felt lost after the Ascension, but they stayed close to the heart of Jesus and found their path. Mary is another individual to whom we can turn for direction. Mary is like a soccer mom—she'll get you to wherever you need to be.

We love you, Mary—and all mothers! Happy Mother's Day!

Today, Sunday, at the 11am be a special Clergy Ordination Anniversary Mass. Priests and deacons for the Archdiocese of Chicago are usually ordained in May. And so we have several milestones this year to celebrate:

  • Father Roger's 60th anniversary
  • Deacon Bob Ryan's 33rd anniversary
  • Deacon Ed Dolan's 25th anniversary
  • Father Laurent's 10th anniversary
  • Father James' 6th anniversary

Deacon Robinson will be ordained a priest next Saturday, May 19th at Holy Name Cathedral. His First Mass will be here at St. Juliana that same day at the 5pm Mass. All are welcome to that Mass and a reception afterwards in the gym. Parishioner Tom Dombai has two more years until he is ordained a permanent deacon. We look forward to having Tom around the altar one day soon!

I look forward to celebrating the Founder's Day Mass at St. Pat's High School this Tuesday. That same night at 7pm will be my Tuesday Theology Talk on Pain and Suffering. We will discuss why there is evil in the world and where God is to be found in our suffering. On Friday I will be with the 8th graders for their ribbon ceremony and some other end of the year festivities.

Next Sunday, May 20th I will be the presenter for 3Cs in Christ at 3:30pm in the church. We will discuss Mary and, in particular, the Consecration to Mary. The Teen Ministry is that same night at the 5pm Mass, followed by some spiritual conversation. All teens are welcome.

By now, I'm sure you are aware that we have finished the brand new women's restroom handicap accessible facility in the back of the church. We are now beginning work on the men's restroom. Thank you for your patience with the minor construction work.

This weekend is the Mother's Day Catholic Charities Collection. Thank you for giving to this great charitable organization to help mothers, children, and seniors from our community who are struggling. You can contribute through a special collection envelop placed in the back of the church or online at

Once again, happy Mother's Day to all of our mothers and women in the parish. Thank you for all you do.

Yours in Christ,
Father James

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