School Mass Homily

From a homily at a school Mass on Friday of the 2nd Week of Easter, 4/13/2018

Boys and girls, do we remember who Jesus appeared to after he rose from the dead? Mary Magdalen, another Mary, Peter and John, the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, the disciples in the upper room. Very good. Someone guessed Mary, Jesus' mother. Is this true? Well, we do not hear about in the Gospels, but I find it hard to believe that Jesus would not have visited his mother after this great news. Aren't our mothers some of the first people to whom we tell good news? I don't think I'm speculating too much by guessing Jesus would have appeared to Mary. Remember John at the end of his Gospel writes, "There are also many other things that Jesus did, but if these were to be described individually, I do not think the whole world would contain the books that would be written" (Jn 21:25).

Jesus probably appeared to many others after the Resurrection. I wonder if there was a boy drowning in the lake and Jesus miraculously appeared to save him. I wonder if there were two individuals fighting and Jesus showed up to settle them down. I wonder if Jesus appeared to the apostles and celebrated Mass again with them. We have the multiplication of the loaves and fishes in today's Gospel, which was a precursor to the sacrament of the Eucharist. I'm sure he did the real thing after the Resurrection.

Maybe that's a writing project you can do in your English or Religion class: come up with stories of Jesus' appearances after the Resurrection. I wonder if there would be stories of him appearing to us today. If you're panicking while taking a test, Jesus sits down next to you at your desk and helps you out. If you've been playing Fortnight for five hours, Jesus walks in the room and encourages you to turn the game off and read the Bible. If you're fighting with your sibling, Jesus breaks it up. Jesus wants to appear to us!

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