The Power of the Resurrection

As I revel in yet another 2020 Bears comeback victory, I can’t help but reflect on the greatest comeback story of all time: the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. You can imagine just how unlikely his believers (and enemies) thought it would be. You think we doubt in any Bears coach or quarterback being able to orchestrate a fourth-quarter revival? Even Jesus’ closest followers thought that the cross had the final say and that Jesus’ incredible mission was brought to a tragic end.   

But think about it: why were they so surprised? Jesus told them again and again and again that he must suffer, die, and then be raised. I like to put myself in the locked upper room on that first Easter morning, with the women running in to tell of the empty tomb. Shock, disbelief, mistrust, all leading to one realization: “He told us this would happen.” How great would it be for the McCaskeys to tell us over and over that the Bears would be Super Bowl Champions. I’d probably treat that announcement similar to the disciples with Jesus—it’s just too good to be true. “Unless I put my finger in the ring and my hand on the trophy, I will not believe.”

And not only did Jesus tell them, but they had the entirety of the history of Israel to point to God’s saving work. The Passover, the prophets, the promise of a new covenant, all of it. We often dismiss the Old Testament as the boring part without Jesus and don’t take it to heart. However, Jesus’ mission and action are all spelled out in the words of the Law, the prophets, and the Psalms. We can use the Old Testament to soften our hearts and prepare our lives to the incredible saving work of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this Bears streak can last forever, and the odds are against them to win a title this year. But I know that they have comebacks in them, because I’ve seen it before. No one is too far gone for the power of the Resurrection to work in them. Recognize the work of Jesus and allow it to renew everything. Kevin Gregus

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