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29 Dec

Gospel December 29, 2019

In the feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the First Reading is taken from the Book of the Prophet Sirach. This reading is a commentary on the fourth commandment: ‘Honor your father and your mother.’ The Prophet Sirach gives us his idea of the ideal family, with all the responsibilities, honors and benefits that are bestowed on each member. Sirach lists the rewards that come with such respectful conduct: atonement for one’s sins, gift of offspring, answer to prayers, and a long life.

22 Dec

Gospel December 22, 2019

In the fourth Sunday of Advent, the First Reading is from the Prophet Isaiah. We have the familiar story about the Prophet's confrontation with King Ahaz of Judah. Isaiah tells Ahaz to ask God for a sign so that God can show him that he is with him. Ahaz says he will not tempt the Lord. Even though Ahaz refuses to ask God for a sign, Isaiah says that God will give a sign: “The virgin will conceive a child and give him the name Emmanuel (God-with-us).” The essence of this story is that God's plan will triumph in spite of mankind's refusal to cooperate.

15 Dec

Gospel December 15, 2019

In the third Sunday of Advent, the First Reading is from the Prophet Isaiah.  The people of Israel are in exile because of their infidelity to their covenant with God. But God’s prophet announces the good news that their time of exile is about to end. The prophet is describing the joy that will come over the people of Israel who have been patient and didn't give up hope while waiting for deliverance from captivity in Babylon. God will lead his people through the desert and back to the Promised Land.

08 Dec

Gospel December 8, 2019

In the Second Sunday of Advent the First Reading comes from the Prophet Isaiah. The prophet has just announced the imminent destruction of the kingdom of Judah and its center, Jerusalem, with its temple. Disillusioned with King Ahaz, a contemporary of Isaiah, the prophet assures his people that God will raise up a faithful King who will rule his people with the mind and heart of God. With the help of the divine gifts, the future King will rule in a way that is pleasing to God. This new King will come from the ‘stump of Jesse’ (David’s father). This prophesy could only be filled by the Anointed One of God, Jesus Christ.

01 Dec

Gospel December 1, 2019

In the first Sunday of Advent, the First Reading is from the Prophet Isaiah. The prophet lives at a time when Israel is divided into two kingdoms that were threatened by the powerful Assyrians. Isaiah is a prophet in the Southern Kingdom of Judah. During his ministry, when there prevail either wars or rumors of war, the people and the Kings fail to listen to and follow the ways of God. Isaiah’s prophecy suggests that conflicts between nations will continue, but God will be the one who will judge and impose terms. Ultimately, “Walking in the light of the Lord” means God’s people, gathered from all nations, will live in accord with God’s word.