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26 Apr

Gospel April 26, 2020


Today’s reading from the Act of the Apostles is a portion of Peter’s discourse on that day, the first of many in Acts, message to the situation of his audience. At the heart of the speeches is the proclamation about Jesus, telling the gathered people about and how God raised Jesus from death, thus fulfilling the Messianic prophecies about the promised descendant of David. During his speech, Peter refers to Israel’s beloved King David, quoting Hebrew Scriptures, Psalm 16, and asserts that David, “foresaw and spoke of the Resurrection of the Christ.” Even though Jesus is able to work signs and wonders, he is rejected by his own people. In this case, Peter is not accusing his fellow Jews but pointing out God’s plan of salvation. Peter’s speech also develops the Kerigma, the foundation of Christian faith, in the light of the Jewish Scripture.  

19 Apr

Gospel April 19, 2020

In this second Sunday of Easter or Sunday of Divine Mercy, the First Reading is from the Acts of the Apostles. Four characteristics that a community filled with the Spirit should live: the teaching of the apostles, table-fellowship, prayer, and sharing all things in common. The community life of the early Christians expressed their agápe love and mercy by sharing what they had with everyone in need: “All who believed were together and had all things in common.” Some of them even sold their property and entrusted the money to the Church so that the poor might be helped and supported. They were strengthened by their punctual and active participation in the “Breaking of the Bread”– the Eucharistic Liturgy.

12 Apr

Gospel April 12, 2020

In the celebration of Easter Sunday, the Resurrection of the Lord, the first reading is from the Acts of the Apostles. In this sermon, we hear about the spread of the Gospel. The story of Jesus’ baptism, his public ministry anointed by God with the Holy Spirit, death and Resurrection has been reported all over the land. Peter lists himself as a witness to all these wondrous events, and he believes that all people who have faith and repent now have access to the salvation that Jesus has come to bring.   

05 Apr

Gospel April 5, 2020

In the celebration of Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion, the First Reading is from the Book of the prophet Isaiah. This is the third of four ‘suffering servant songs’ found in the book of Isaiah. The servant is entrusted with a special mission on behalf of God’s people. The servant is portrayed as a disciple who listens to God. Morning after morning, the Lord ‘opens’ the ear of the servant that he may hear God’s Word. Because of his faithfulness to God, the servant undergoes all kinds of humiliations and sufferings. In the midst of his sufferings, the servant displays great trust in God. As the early Christians read these passages, they see in them images of Jesus, the suffering servant of God.