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26 Jul

Gospel July 26, 2020

The first reading is from the first Book of kings. Salomon, who recently ascended the throne of David, describes himself as a “mere youth.” The Hebrew word of youth or child, na’ar, denotes in this context a young adult who lacks experience in a job. Solomon is new to leadership. God asks Solomon what gift he desires most of all? He answers: “Wisdom and understanding heart.” In Israelite tradition, wisdom has to do with having the ability to attain success in any field of endeavor. Solomon illustrates this very well as he flourishes in governance, in construction, in foreign trade and diplomacy, and in writing proverbs. God gives Solomon wisdom and a discerning heart.

19 Jul

Gospel July 19, 2020

Today’s first reading is from the Book of Wisdom which was probably written between 30 BC and AD 14, making it the latest work in the Old Testament. The goal of the author, a Greek-speaking Jew, is to defend Judaism against the pervasive influence of Hellenism (Greek pagan philosophies). This reading therefore affirms Israel’s hard-learned belief that their God is the almighty and only God. Though God is all-powerful, he uses his power to show mercy and clemency. God who is just and righteous is able to offer leniency toward all people. The people of Israel discover this from the way God treats them. That God is merciful, gracious, and slow to anger” becomes part of its creed.  

12 Jul

Gospel July 12, 2020



Today’s first reading is from a prophet called Second Isaiah who worked in Babylon in the sixth century BC and whose oracles are found in Isaiah 40-45. The word of God again plays a particularly important sacramental role in this reading. The Hebrew word dabar is translated as a spoken word as well as deed. Throughout salvation history both word and deed reveal the heart and mind of God. The word and actions of God are like the rain and snow that water the earth and provide the necessary wetness for life to continue. God’s Word does not return back to him void but achieves the end for which he sent it.

05 Jul

Gospel July 5, 2020

The First Reading is from the Book of the Prophet Zechariah. These verses are chosen for this Sunday because they describe a meek –not easily provoked- and humble Messiah, which Jesus is. Zechariah preached about the great battle that would take place between the forces of God and forces of evil. Rather than the machine of war (chariots and horses), this king of peace will come riding on a donkey, a sign of the reign of peace. This king of peace will reunite the northern kingdom, Israel and the southern kingdom, Judah. The rule of this just king is to extend to all nations, including that of the gentiles.