Father James


As we embark upon another week in our surreal world, I want to let you know I am continually praying for you and offering Mass for each of you. Interestingly, I feel very much connected to you. That’s one of the beautiful powers of prayer!

If you have any specific prayer requests, please do not hesitate to email me and let me know. Father Emanuel and I will add these intentions to our daily Mass and prayers. And, again, if you are in need of the Sacraments of Anointing of the Sick or of Reconciliation, please email me. If you need to talk, I am happily available for that as well. You can call the parish office (773-631-4127) or the emergency number (847-507-2585) and I will respond to your message as soon as possible.


If you need help for any reason, be it grocery shopping or picking up medication or whatever, please reach out to the parish. We want to help you and will coordinate getting the assistance you need. Please call and leave a message (773-631-4127) or email me.

Knowing that there are seniors who need help but might not receive this electronic message: if you have a neighbor or know of someone who needs help, please communicate this information to them and even reach out to us on their behalf.

Finally, we have had many people contact us wanting to help and volunteer their services. Thank you for this. If you would like to be added to our list of volunteers, please email me or call the office.


We are continuing to post daily the Mass readings and a reflection by yours truly, called The Daily.” We will continue the virtual Sunday Mass on the weekends, which many of you have watched. And Glenn DeCastro, our fabulous music director, has posted music recordings as well.

We have plans right now to post online a Virtual Holy Week, which will include Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, The Easter Basket Blessing (hold up your eggs and breads in front of the screen!), and Easter Sunday.

Lastly, you can continue to read our bulletin and newsletters online which also contain prayerful content and other information.


I’ve read lately a few accounts of the heroism undertaken by ordinary men and women during times of plague and disease in history. Saints Catherine of Siena , Aloysius Gonzaga, and Damien of Molokai, just to name a few, all ‘made their mark’ in circumstances similarly precarious to ours. There is even a group known as The Martyrs of the Plague of Alexandria.” May these saints pray for us and may we ourselves become saints by the unique actions we take during the time of the Coronavirus. God bless you all. I miss you but I remain,

Yours in Christ,
Fr. James Wallace, Pastor


GiveCentral for Church Donations


Cancellation of Mass is leading to significant losses in our offertory income, which is placing all our ministries and operations at significant risk. Many people in our parish and community depend upon your regular, weekly offertory contributions and, during this current challenge, they are needed more than ever.

Please consider giving online at Give Central where you can make a weekly offertory contribution to Saint Juliana and keep the vital ministries and services we provide going. We ask you to prayerfully consider maintaining your regular weekly donation level or even increasing it during these times.

Donation Statements

Donation statements for tax year 2018 will be sent by January 31, 2019.

In an effort to save money and be environmentally conscious we email annual contribution statements to donor/parishioners for whom we have email addresses. This not only saves paper, envelope, postage and labor costs–and natural resources–but also provides you with a convenient PDF version of your contributions for your records.

Contribution statements are emailed during the last week of January for the prior calendar year. If you would like to receive your contribution statement by email and are not sure we have your email address on file please complete the update form below. If your parish contributions for the year are $500 or more (not including second collections) and we don't have your email address we will print and mail a traditional paper statement.

We maintain an archive of all contribution statements should you need another copy; please use the form below to request a new copy.

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