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Parish Operations

Under canon law the pastor has absolute and final juridical authority over his parish, including church, school, religious education, athletic, ministry and social groups. All activities of volunteers, individuals and organizations operating under the federal tax identity of the parish are subject to the pastor's approval.

Auxiliary groups are required to operate following the Best Practices for Auxiliary Groups; the pastor may suspend or disband the operations of unauthorized or non-compliant individuals or groups at his sole discretion.

Parish Finance Council

The council meets regularly to project and plan the resources required to sustain and grow the mission, goals and ministries of our parish. In addition to monitoring the budget and financial performance of church, school, catechesis and auxiliary programs, council members direct the communication of financial activities to the parish, including periodic reports published in our bulletin.

The council is a consultative body that operates following the official guidelines set forth by the Financial Services department of Archdiocese of Chicago, and ensures the parish operates in compliance with Archdiocesan Best Practices for Internal Controls. Per these guidelines, council meetings are not open to the public however parishioners are encouraged to submit questions or comments to the council via its chairperson or to the pastor, Father James Wallace, or the business manager, Ray Balcarcel. The council will officially address and respond to the questions as appropriate.

Reporting Suspicions of Financial Misconduct

Anyone who suspects that there is misappropriation of finances at any institution operated by the Archdiocese of Chicago is encouraged to report potential breaches of Archdiocesan financial policies via telephone (312.534.8300) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Reports may be filed anonymously and confidentially.

Financial Forms

For your convenience, copies of financial recordkeeping documents in use at Saint Juliana Parish are available for download. These documents are In compliance with the Best Practices set forth in February of 2005 by the Archdiocese of Chicago. Please direct any questions regarding the use of these forms to Jeanne Anderson.

Our legal name is Catholic Bishop of Chicago, Saint Juliana Parish. Saint Juliana School exists as a ministry of the parish and operates under the same legal name. You may use to verify our our status and good standing as a charitable organization; both the parish and school operate under the same FEIN: 36-2171055.

  • IRS Group Ruling of 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization Status
  • IRS Form W-9
  • Best Practices for Auxiliary Organizations

    This booklet outlines the policies and procedures to be followed by all individuals, volunteers and organizations operating under the approval of the pastor and the federal tax identity of the parish.

  • Guidelines for Financial Operations for Auxiliary Groups

    This booklet outlines the policies and procedures to be followed for the financial operations of parish and school auxiliary groups.

  • Capital Projects, Improvements & Activities

    Required information for individuals and groups who wish to improve, modify or alter parish buildings, grounds, structures and/or equipment.

  • Auxiliary Group Annual Report

    An annual report (a three-part Excel template) is to be completed and sent to the pastor by July 20 of each year, for the fiscal year that just ended on June 30. Printable versions of the income and expense and bank report are also available.

  • Safe Deposit Proof

    Auxiliary and fundraising groups often prepare monies for deposit to the bank. These funds (cash or checks) must not be held at the homes of group members. The parish provides safe storage for funds until they can be delivered to the bank by armored courier. Funds placed in storage with the parish must be counted and placed in a sealed tamper-evident deposit bag before it can be accepted and logged by an authorized representative in the parish office. The Safe Deposit Proof form is to be used for this purpose. It should be completed in full and placed inside the sealed bag so that it is clearly visible. Forms and tamper-evident bags are available at the parish office.

  • Cash Proof

    Auxiliary organizations may need to run a petty cash drawer on occasion. This document may be used to balance the petty cash drawer. Retain the completed Cash Proof with your copy of the deposit record for each petty cash deposit.

  • Expense Reimbursement Request & Check Requisition

    These forms are available in the parish and school office. They are not available for download as they are color-keyed, which helps expedite internal payment processing. Once the forms are properly completed and approved (by an authorized supervisor, group, program or fundraising coordinator) they are to be forwarded to the attention of Jeanne Anderson at the parish business office.

Use of Parish/School Name

The use of the name "Saint Juliana" in conjunction with any activity related to church, school, religious education, auxiliary groups, ministries, fund-raising committees, etc., must be preapproved by the pastor or director of operations. This includes the creation of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc.) and email (GMail, etc.) accounts for the purpose of conducting or representing activities. Administrative login credentials must be shared with Jeanne Anderson, who oversees all print and online media and communications for all activities bearing the Saint Juliana name. The parish reserves the right to edit or delete material published by others on its behalf, at its sole discretion.

Use/Rental of Parish Facilities and Equipment

We frequently receive requests from various groups to use the Ahearn Activity Center, parish center or school hall for gatherings. Some organizations are parish-sponsored, such as Scouts, Mothers’ Club and SJS sports teams (Trojans.) Other gatherings may involve parishioners or school families but are not strictly organized as parish groups, and might include receptions, fundraising events, or athletic practices/games for park district, public or other league teams. The requirements for using our facilities vary, depending on whether it is defined as a sponsored or non-sponsored event.

To be considered a parish-sponsored organization, a group must meet both of the following two legal tests:

  • The pastor has the authority to start, direct, control, manage, expand or eliminate the activities of the organization, at his sole discretion.
  • The pastor has the authority to sign checks on the organization’s checking account and receives the monthly statements at the parish business address.

If a group does not pass both of those two tests, it is not a parish-sponsored organization and may not operate under the federal tax identity of the parish, including tax-exemption status.

Facility Usage for Sponsored Events

Parish-sponsored groups may use our facilities, depending on availability, and the event is automatically provided with liability insurance coverage through our policy. Alcoholic beverages may not be served or available when minor children are present. Violation of this policy will result in denial of future requests to use parish facilities. Groups are expected to leave the premises broom-clean, with tables, chairs and other furnishings restored to their original arrangement. There are complete facility usage guidelines available from the parish office. Sponsored groups that do not observe the guidelines may have future requests for facility usage denied or be required to post a security deposit against clean-up costs.

Facility Usage for Non-Sponsored Events

In order to use a parish facility, non-sponsored groups must provide proof of Commercial General Liability insurance coverage, or purchase single-event coverage through our broker, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. A non-sponsored group must apply for coverage by completing a Special Events Packet at least two weeks in advance of an event in a parish facility. Based on information provided in the Special Events Packet, Gallagher & Co. will issue or deny coverage and bill the event organizer accordingly.

Non-sponsored groups that wish to serve liquor must also purchase a dram shop rider from Gallagher, and obtain the appropriate license from the State of Illinois. The Special Events Packet is available at the parish office. Liquor license information must be obtained from the State of Illinois Liquor Control Commission by the organizer(s) of the non-sponsored event; the parish cannot secure a liquor license for a non-sponsored group, nor facilitate the application process on the event's behalf. The parish may require a security deposit against clean-up costs and damage. Complete facility usage guidelines are available from the parish office.

For liability reasons, the parish cannot lend or rent equipment (tables, chairs, etc.) outside the scope of an approved, on-premises event as noted above.

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