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Fine Arts Association

Xanadu Jr.
March 20-22, 2020

Ticket sales open

Ticket sales are now open.

About the Fine Arts Association

The St. Juliana Fine Arts Association is dedicated to promoting and maintaining the fine arts, which include drawing, painting, computer-generated, and other forms of crafted arts, as well the performing arts including dance, theater, oral/visual communication and interpretation, and music (both secular and sacred, instrumental and vocal.) Extracurricular opportunities for students include Drama Club, Glee Club, Young Rembrandts and the very popular annual spring musical.


The mission of the association is to provide opportunities for students within a Catholic context to be exposed to and participate in the arts in a holistic setting, thereby encouraging, developing and nurturing their individual talents and self-esteem in the fine arts.


St. Juliana School is concerned with developing the whole person, which encompasses the psychological, spiritual, social, academic, and artistic being. Participation and exposure to the arts is an essential component of student development. Through participation in the Fine Arts program, students may develop life-long skills and Christian values. These values include leadership, self-discipline, spirituality, integrity, teamwork, patience, and a respect for artistic expression.

Fine Arts AssociationThe Fine Arts Association is self-supportive and relies on your participation in various fund-raising activities throughout the school year, including the annual spring musical, sale of student-art Christmas cards, and dine-and-share events sponsored by local restaurants (Moretti's, Caponie's Express, etc.) Additionally, the gift of time is always welcome as volunteers are always needed. Please contact the school office to learn how you can help support the arts at St. Juliana School.


The goals of the St. Juliana Fine Arts Association are:

  • To develop an appreciation for the arts through exposure to artistic endeavors such as concerts, art fairs, theatrical events, dance, art history, music, and oral communication and interpretation.
  • To provide regular opportunities for developing and nurturing students' talents in music, drama, dance, and art that are secular and/or faith-filled.
  • To provide forums to showcase talents of students in a performance situation.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to develop and use their talents for God and their Church.
  • To encourage self-discipline, self-confidence, mutual respect, and cooperation in students.
  • To help children understand that creativity is a gift from the Creator and makes us one with His creativity, and is to be shared with others.
  • 2019: Mary Poppins Jr.

  • 2018: Beauty & the Beast

  • 2017: The Lion King

  • 2016: Aladdin

  • 2015: Willy Wonka

  • 2014: The Wizard of Oz

  • 2013: Finian's Rainbow

  • 2012: Guys & Dolls

  • 2011: Fiddler on the Roof

  • 2010: Bugsy Malone

  • 2009: Beauty & the Beast

  • 2008: Annie

  • 2007: The Music Man

  • 2006: Night at the Movies

  • 2005: Dear Edwina

  • 2004: Honk

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