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School Directory

Display #
Name Position Phone
School Office General Information 773.631.2256
Anabella Allen Aide - Instructional 773.631.2256
Kanela Arianas Faculty 773.631.2256
Pat Aylward Athletic Director 773.631.2256
Ray Balcarcel Business Manager 773.631.4127
Christine Boldt Faculty & Extended Care Director 773.631.2256
Nicole Catalano Faculty 773.631.2256
Heather Cleaver Resource Teacher 773.631.2256
Patricia Collins Faculty 773.631.2256
Julie Costello Aide - Instructional 773.631.2256
Kathleen Davenport Aide - Instructional 773.631.2256
Liz Doherty Faculty 773.631.2256
Catherine Draths Faculty - Learning Resource 773.631.2256
Joanna Drzich Administrative Assistant 773.631.2256
Alyssa Duff 4th 5th grade teacher 773.631.2256
Ann Enright Preschool Teacher 773.631.2256
Krystle Fertig Faculty 773.631.2256
Nancy Garber Faculty 773.631.2256
Cynthia Gayford Faculty 773.631.2256
Lynn Gibbons TRIP Coordinator 773.631.4127
Caryn Hecker Faculty 773.631.2256
Joan Herion Art Instruction 773.631.2256
Heidi Jimenez Aide - Library 773.631.2256
Janell Konior Aide - Instructional 773.631.2256
Monika Kurzac Faculty 773.631.2256
Jane Lidgus Faculty 773.631.2256
Laura Lyons Faculty 773.631.2256
Katie Malenock Assistant Athletic Director 773.631.2256
Barbara Marshall Faculty 773.631.2256
Meaghan Mathieu Faculty 773.631.2256

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