School » STEAM


The STEAM Lab is a hands-on, project-based, self-directed learning environment. Students work collaboratively with a partner, choose a challenge, and complete their challenge. 

Our STEAM lab fundamentals are: collaboration, communication, creativity, problem solving, self-direction, and self-reflection. These are twenty-first-century skills that students will use in all areas of their lives. 

Curriculum Areas of Technology & Software/Hardware 
Circuitry -  Ardunio, Digital Sandbox,  Snap Circuits, Makey Makey 
Computer Graphics - Pixie, Sketch, Tinkercad  and various websites                                                              
Digital Communications - Comic Life, Frames, Garage Band, Google Sites, iMovie               
Mechanics and Structures - Bridge Designer, Engino, Fishertechnik, IQ  Key, K’Nex, HomeStyler                               
Robotics and Control Technology - Code & Go Mouse, Ozobots, Lego Mindstorm EV3s                              
Scientific Data and Analysis - Google Earth, Stellarium, Vernier Sensors, NASA                                
Software Engineering - Tinker, Scratch                                                                                
Sustainability - Hydrogen Fuel Cells,  Climate Kids 

For information about raising children in the digital age, please visit Common Sense Media