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Donation Statements

Donation statements for tax year 2022 have been sent via email. Please check your spam folder.

In an effort to save money and be environmentally conscious we email annual contribution statements to donor/parishioners for whom we have email addresses. This not only saves paper, envelope, postage and labor costs–and natural resources–but also provides you with a convenient PDF version of your contributions for your records.

Contribution statements are emailed during the last week of January for the prior calendar year. If you would like to receive your contribution statement by email and are not sure we have your email address on file please complete the update form below. If your parish contributions for the year are $500 or more (not including second collections) and we don't have your email address we will print and mail a traditional paper statement.

We maintain an archive of all contribution statements should you need another copy; please use the form below to request a new copy.

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