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Alumni Association

Did you know that in any given year about 20% of our students are children of SJS alumni? We have teachers who are alumni, and several teachers' own children are alumni, too.

If you are a Saint Juliana alumnus or alumna, no matter what year you graduated, please fill out the attached survey to help gather information for the Saint Juliana Alumni Association. This information will be used to contact you with alumni news and upcoming events. 

After you have completed the survey, please pass the link on to your classmates and friends in your personal orbit who attended Saint Juliana School. All alumni are welcome to fill out this survey in an attempt to create an up-to-date database.   

Looking to support your alma mater? Our endowment fund is more than $1 million and every January our Values for Life endowment collection helps to increase the fund. Donations may be made year-round online at givecentral.org.

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