Sacraments » Baptism


Whether you're here to learn about bringing your child or yourself to our faith, let us first say welcome, and congratulations!


Adults who wish to become Catholic do so through a process known as Rite of Christian Initiation. For infants and young children, baptismal services are held every Sunday at 12:15pm in church, following the 11:00am Mass. You must be a registered parishioner and make arrangements for the baptism at least one month in advance by contacting or visiting the parish office. The fee for a baptism is $50.


First-time parents and parents new to our parish must attend a baptismal preparation meeting on the third Wednesday at 7:00pm of any month prior to the baptism. These meetings are held in the parish center; there is no cost but please pre-register with the business office (773.631.4127) in advance. Godparents are encouraged to attend the preparation meeting as well.


Baptism is a sacrament of initiation and along with Holy Communion and Confirmation, are the foundation on which the rest of our life as a Christian depends.

Through the sacrament of Baptism we enter the Church and receive sanctifying grace, which prepares us to receive the other sacraments and helps us live our lives as followers of Jesus.