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Frozen News

Below is the rehearsal schedule for the next two weeks. "All Cast Called" means the entire cast needs to be there. Otherwise, please come only when your character name or group is listed. Let us know if you have any questions. Rehearsals are from 4:00-6:00pm IN THE SCHOOL HALL, unless otherwise noted. 
Come ON TIME and ready to work. Please bring your scripts and a pencil to every rehearsal. Remember to listen to the rehearsal tracks (at the bottom of this page) when you don't have rehearsal. 
Also, please fill out the costume form below if you haven't already. 
Thursday, March 7th Review: For the First Time in Forever, Do You Want to Build a Snowman, In Summer, Hygge 4-4:30: For the First Time in Forever actors
4:30-5: Do You Want to Build a Snowman actors
5-5:30: In Summer actors
5:30-6: Hygge actors
Tuesday, March 12th Stumble Through- First Half All actors who appear up to page 70, which means...
Principles (named characters): ALL CALLED except for OAKEN
Thursday, March 14 Stumble Through-Second Half All actors who appear after page 70, which means...
Sunday, March17 Tech Week
Crew call 1pm
Cast call 3pm
All called until 8pm
Monday, March 18 Tech Week
Cast and Crew 
All Called 4-8pm
Tuesday, March 19 Tech Week
Cast and Crew 
All Called 4-8pm
Wednesday, March 20 Tech Week
Cast and Crew 
All Called 4-8pm
Thursday, March 21 Tech Week
Cast and Crew 
All Called 4-8pm
Friday, March 22 Shows
Student preview during the day
Cast and Crew called for evening show at 5pm
Saturday, March 23 Shows
12pm call for matinee
5pm call for evening show
Sunday, March 24 Show
12pm call for closing show
Stick around afterwards for strike

Hi, everyone! Below is the cast list for FROZEN, JR!

Please note, we've broken the cast down into smaller groups which will be featured in different scenes and songs. When we post the schedule, we will call specific groups and characters at specific times, depending on the day. If your character/group is not listed for that rehearsal, it means you have the day off :)