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Minsters of Care

On Wednesday, July 28 we will host a meeting in “the Gathering Place” in the parish office beginning at 6:30pm.

The meeting is open to current Ministers of Care as well as anyone who might like to join this ministry. At the meeting we hope talk a bit about the history of our Ministers of Care and discuss what ministers are comfortable with, going forward, in a pandemic and post pandemic world. All are welcome! We hope to see you there.




These are lay extraordinary ministers who visit the homebound and ill to distribute Holy Communion. Our extraordinary ministers have received training and are officially recognized by the Church as “another of Christ's faithful deputed.” In addition to Communion, ministers of care provide spiritual comfort and prayer.


How do I become a Minister of Care?

Special training is provided to help you develop the skills and confidence to be a source of comfort and support to those who are sick. The course is offered over five weeks at Presence Saint Benedict Home on Touhy in Niles and there is no cost to you. Each weekly session is two hours long and completion of the course qualifies you to receive the Archdiocesan mandate to bring Communion to the sick, homebound and hospitalized of our parish. To register for the next session, download, print and complete the form below and return it in to the parish office. To find out when the next scheduled course takes place, contact our office at 773.631.4127.


Minister of Care Registration