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  Families can reduce their monthly tuition expense simply by using gift cards for ordinary household expenses instead of credit/debit cards or cash. TRIP costs nothing to use, other than a few minutes of time to order gift cards online or through the TRIP office in the parish center. Sounds too good to be true, right? It's not–read on for more details!



How does it work?

Gift cards are available from TRIP for hundreds of national and local retailers, including Starbucks, Mariano's, Target, Happy Foods, Walmart and one of our most popular, Kohl's. We'll use Kohl's for our example: You pay TRIP face value for $200 in Kohl's gift cards; multiple denominations are available. TRIP buys $200 in Kohl's gift cards at a discounted price of $190; a savings of $10. That $10 in savings is split 80/20 between you and TRIP: $8 is credited to your next monthly tuition statement, and $2 is credited to the TRIP program. You just earned yourself $8 by doing nothing other than using a gift card instead of your credit/debit or Kohl's card! Tip: Kohl's lets you use Kohl's gift cards to pay your Kohl's charge at the store; so you still get the advantage of their special savings for Kohl's charge users at checkout time.


Contact Lynn in the TRIP office to obtain our enrollment code, then enroll

Cash & Carry Hours

The TRIP office is in the parish center.

  • Monday through Friday: 8–10am


Everybody Wins!

  • SJS and CCD families participate because it saves them money.
  • Parishioners without children in school or CCD participate because their rebates raise general funds and help needy families.
  • The parish wins by helping families reduce their tuition expense.
  • School and CCD programs win when TRIP donations and profits are used for special purchases.
  • Retailers win because gift cards bring them customers and they get a tax deduction for the amount of their discount to us.

Order 24/7 at

Once payment is received, your order will be released for packing. If we don't have your desired cards in stock, back-ordered cards are automatically ordered from Great Lakes Scrip every Tuesday for delivery the following Friday.

ScripNow! and Reloads require PrestoPay advance payment through Shop With Scrip charges a .15 (fifteen cent) service charge for a PrestoPay order (not to each individual gift card.) Paper order forms are due Tuesday before 10:00 AM and must be paid in full in advance; please note that orders are filled on a priority basis before paper orders are entered and filled.

Don't forget AutoTRIP!

Set up a recurring order for your grocery, gas, Starbucks or Dunkin' cards–things you know you'll always need–: and your order will be automatically processed and deducted from your checking account. It's like a set-and-forget PrestoPay, with no transaction fee!


Three convenient withdrawal dates are offered, on the 10th, 20th or 30th of each month and you can choose any or all of those dates for your orders. For a limited time, each new recurring AutoTRIP order will be entered into a monthly drawing for a $25 TRIP card of your choice! Start your AutoTRIP today! Just complete authorization form and bring it to the TRIP office to set up your orders with Lynn.



Auto TRIP form

Ordering and Delivery Convenience

We acquire most of our gift cards through Shop With Scrip, including ScripNow! for quick-print cards and Reloads for previously purchased cards. You can also visit the TRIP office located in the parish center to place or pick up an order, or check out our cash-and-carry selection, including local favorites like Moretti's, Nonno Pino, Happy Foods and more. Lynn Gibbons runs the TRIP office and will be happy to answer your questions: 773.631.4127 x25.

The Fine Print

TRIP credits can be distributed to SJS or CCD tuition, to a Catholic high school, or to any non-profit college/university. SJS/CCD credits are posted monthly; high school and college payouts are issued upon request. Young families can start earning TRIP credits before their children are enrolled, ask about Future Family Savers. Friends and relatives can establish TRIP accounts and designate one or more families to receive their TRIP rebates.

 Amazon will donate .5% of your eligible purchases to benefit St. Juliana School. There's no catch and no additional cost. All you need to do is designate our school as your AmazonSmile recipient charity here.